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15 October

Kelpak was at the International Cherry Symposium in Yamagata Japan

Held once every four years the International Cherry Symposium is the most important gathering of experts from the cherry growing industry. Kelp Products International is proud to have been a key sponsor at the Cherry Symposium, held in Yamagata City, Japan, in June this year. It was good to see distributors, growers and researchers all participating in this exciting event.

Not only was this a valuable networking and learning opportunity, where experts from around the globe provided technical seminars, our own delegates also gave an oral presentation covering the benefits of Kelpak on cherry production, which was well received. The discussion focussed on Bing cherries and how various timings improves fruit set and yield. The work was conducted over three years by one of Chile's most recognized cherry consultants, Mr. Andres Ureta and carried out by Miss Catalina Atenas, both from Centro de Evaluacion Rosario, Chile. The oral presentation was given by Pedro Larrain, part of the Kelp Products International technical and marketing team.

We would like to thank our team and all our colleagues who made the event a huge success.

8th International Cherry Symposium

Images from Yamagata

Various independent scientific trials have been conducted on cherries in several regions including California, all indicating significant benefits from increased fruit size and quality. This trial shows the important benefits of applying Kelpak during the early growth stages of cherries to ensure improved fruit development and ultimately a better crop for the user:

  • Reduces fruit split
  • Increases fruit size and weight
  • Improves marketable yield
  • Maintains excellent fruit quality
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