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Benefits of Kelpak on Pistachio Nuts

Field trials conducted in California clearly show the many benefits of applying Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Extract on pistachio trees, including:

  • Reduced transplant shock in nursery trees
  • Reduced abiotic stress
  • Excellent pollen germination and elongation
  • Better nut set and retention
  • Increased nut weight and yield
  • Certified for use in organic crop production
kelpak on pistachios

Over 15 years of trials in California

Trials in California during the 2020 season showed an excellent returns for the grower

Recommended application rates

Sepal fall : Spray 2 - 3 pints/Acre at petal fall.

Early nut develpment : Repeat the application, spray 2 - 3 pints/Acre, 2 - 3 weeks after first application, during early nut development.

Nut fill : Repeat again, spray 2 - 3 pints/Acre, 5 - 6 weeks after the first application, at nut fill.

Nursery tree establishment : To reduce transplant shock at orchard establishment apply foliar spray of 2 pts/Acre after plant-out.

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