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Crop information

Benefits of Kelpak on Walnuts

Kelpak trials on walnuts in California show improved fruit set and nut retention, as well as higher nut yields, resulting in excellent returns for the grower:

  • Improves health of nursery trees
  • Improves the development of new growth in spring
  • Better nut set and retention of bearing trees
  • Better nut yields

Recommended application rates.

Established trees: Apply a minimum of 3 pts/Ac, not more dilute than 3 pts of water,
2 to 3 times between catkin development and receptive pistillate stages.

Tree establishment: Apply 2 pts of a 1% Kelpak solution (2 pts Kelpak in 200 pts water) as a soil drench directly after plant-out, or drench the nursery bag with the solution directly before plant-out. Follow up with foliar sprays of
2 pts Kelpak per 200 pts water (0.25%) with
3 to 4 week intervals during early growth.

Catkin development stage
Pistillate stage