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Benefits of Kelpak on Table Grapes & Vines

Field trials conducted in California clearly show the many benefits of applying Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Concentrate to table grapes, including:

  • Bunch elongation (stretching)
  • Increases berry size
  • Increases number of export quality bunches
  • Increases returns

Recommended application rates

For early growth & bunch stretching: Foliar sprays at
2 pts/Ac at 5 - 10 cm shoot growth.
Optional application 14 days later

For improved berry size & quality: Foliar sprays of minimum 3 pts/Ac after set. Repeat 2 to 3 times at 10 to 14 day intervals

For improved colour & sugar content: Foliar sprays at 3 pts/Ac at start of berry softening. Repeat 14 days later

Important: Increase Kelpak rate to maintain 1:300 dilution when water volume above 1000 pts/Ac is used.
Use 4 - 5 pts/Ac with electrostatic applicators.
Foliar sprays can be substituted with 1% bunch dips or directed bunch sprays. May be applied with gibberellic acid and/or forchlorfenuron applications

Recommended application rates for vines

Apply 1:500 through drippers at start of
new growth (optional for early growth).


Apply 2 pts/Ac twice during flowering at
10 to 12 day intervals (Wine and Raisin Grapes).

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